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The Shopping Playground for the stylish.
Where Fashion. Art. Lifestyle. Meet Commerce

The goal of MoDA MARKET is to bring important retail traffic to featured fashion designers and artisans from the Caribbean. Held annually in Kingston, Jamaica, the marketplace showcases fresh and exciting contemporary designs from the portfolios of select artists. Our curator looks for novel pieces that demonstrate the unique and vibrant talent of our artisans, and displays them with artistic flair, and a sensitive touch. The Market is accessible to wholesale buyers and to all lovers and collectors of beautiful things. This is a new talent show like no other – an almost surreal experience for designers and buyers alike. Discover perfection, in exquisite harmony, at the 2019 MoDA Market.

Meet Our MoDA Market Reps ! 

"As one of the region’s more established designers, I was very impressed at the level of professionalism  of The Collection Moda team from receipt of the first correspondence received to my departure. 


Thumbs up for the most professional MoDa Market I have attended in the region.  It was flawless !!! The management team was professional, business focused and team work was exceptional. "

CLAUDIA PEGUS, Fashion Designer - Trinidad and Tobago

What MoDA Makers have said about us !

"I would recommend MoDA market for the design-maker who takes special care in how their brand and products are positioned in the market. Team MoDA understands that and flawlessly executes a stellar marketplace where makers and gift-givers meet for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. The team is professional, courteous and always willing to support your growth not only as a designer but as a business. They are obviously passionate about design and the creative expression in every form and I look forward to doing MoDA market again this year!"

DANA BAUGH, Baughaus Design Studio - Jamaica

"It was a cornucopia of design. And can I say how impressed I was to be exhibiting with so many like-minded designers working at the highest levels in their respective crafts?! The mood and atmosphere they created with DJ Hot Lips and the Heineken Bar felt as if I could have been attending an arts collective event in any major cosmopolitan city.


It is so rewarding to show at an event that is painstakingly crafted, advertised and well attended - with a centralized check out booth. All I had to do is show up!"

VICTORIA SILVERA, Touch by VLS - Jamaica

"Everything was very organized - The Collection Moda team ensured that there was wide exposure through different articles from several sources.  On the day of the market it was great to walk in and have your table set up. Attention was paid to every detail -  we did not have to ask any questions."

KRISTIE STEPHENSON, Story and Myth - Jamaica

Rêve Jewellery has actively participated in various events both locally & internationally yet Collection Moda is bar none one of the best as it regards to décor, production and the overall experience. Trendsetters of a stellar event, we are proud to know its Jamaican and truly recommend it to anyone serious about their brand…meet you at Collection Moda!


"I found the publicity and marketing of the MoDA Market to be exceptional. The exposure of our brand to a high caliber clientele has helped us to expand our operations. The feedback on our products was also positive. Overall, the experience was phenomenal."

COREY BRENEISEN, Rae Marie Fine Soaps and Textiles - Jamaica

"Truly a phenomenal platform! A beautifully imagined and well executed forum that inspires, encourages, supports and facilitates creative thoughts and ideas into becoming businesses. A very important initiative towards building & promoting Jamaica and Jamaican made products." 

ARRIANNE WILLIAMS, VisionARRI Creations - Jamaica

"The MoDA Market experience is one that kar&chach would readily participate in again because I feel like the brand and its influences get due recognition from this platform. The Collection MoDA team understands that offbeat designs have a place in the fashion sphere, especially in a time when different is not only accepted, but celebrated.


Hats off to the MoDA team for spurring real change in how people in Jamaica and the region see fashion. See you next time!"

KAREN EVANS, Kar & Chach - Florida

The TCM group understands what is needed for the fashion industry to reach its full potential. With each year the event has grown. The event is designed to help the designers reach not only new customers, but most importantly buyers and other professionals in the industry.

I've shown at MoDA Runway for the past three years and have had a great experience each year. I think the TCM crew is professional, works hard and really wants to make a difference for all the designers involved with the event. I am excited to see what the event has in store for us this year.

LUBICA KUCEROVA, Lubica - Canada/Jamaica

"It was an excellent show, very well presented and attended with a steady stream of shoppers. We were busy from start to finish!"

ANNA RUTH HENRIQUES, Galavant Jewelry - Jamaica/NYC

"This was our first year participating in Moda Market, it was a successful show for us on every level. It provided many opportunities to network with retail shoppers and buyers. We found this show a very powerful tool for visibility, presence and expanding our brand. In addition, the Moda Team was efficient and organized which made everything flow smoothly! Enjoyed working with you all!"

TIFFANY MCKOY, Spektre & Komono  - Jamaica

I had my first experience as a MoDA Maker last year, and I can say it was an amazing one.

From registration, you are driven into a series of events to promote the show and all its creatives.

The show itself is a perfect example of what can happen when you put together a team that shares the passion for a business and excels in their professionalism, creativity and hard work. The team really takes it to another level. You just have to focus on your art and show up on the day.

As a creative, I’m very thankful and proud to be a part of such a beautiful event.

Thank you, team, you rock

CRISTINA PEREIRA, Catcha' Dream Creations - Jamaica

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