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MoDA Goes West !!!

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

You Know MoDA, you know what we do - we curate and we shape emerging talented artists by building a sustainable business platform for them not just in Jamaica but the rest of the Caribbean as well. We curate artists who bring love, pride and passion to their work, and the we present them to you with our very own special touch of magic!

In just over seven years MoDA has evolved from Runway shows to creative markets to lifestyle magazines to workshops to community murals! All the while increasing MoDA’s visibility. Every year the aim is to stretch just a little bit more getting one or two steps closer to establishing MoDA on the global calendar of events as the largest Art and Cultural Fair in the Caribbean.

No matter what we do we ALWAYS bring the magic and we never disappoint! Remember that feeling you got when you entered MoDA Market for the first time? You know the feeling I’m talking about, that MoDA Market experience. Well get ready because this year we are expanding that market experience to Montego Bay! We’re adding to the series with a brand new SUMMER Pop-up shop - MoDA Market West!

We are so excited about MoDA Market West! As usual we will be featuring fresh and exciting contemporary work from select artisans. It will be an even more highly curated market, smaller and more intimate featuring some of your favourite makers, presenting their very unique, very novel pieces in our signature magical atmosphere, ensuring the most surreal experience for YOU.

So start mentally and financially preparing yourselves, and make sure to head on over to MoDA Market West, set to take place at S Hotel, Montego Bay over the weekend of this year’s highly anticipated staging of Sumfest - July 19th-20th, from 12pm-8pm.


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