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Peppa L I G H T… Remembering the Reason For the Season

Updated: Jan 12

You’ve heard of Secret Santa, well, the elves are joining in. Here are some LIGHT whispers from some of Santa’s BRIGHTEST helpers. Add your LIGHT-themed lyrics to the mix in the comment section or email us at for an anonymous publish on our socials. - from “Cheers”

We live in a material world. Why not fill it with beautiful,


thoughtfully made things. - from “Dame WMN”

Find what makes you G L O W - from “DiBs”

Do, take yuh time. - from “Earth Momma”

My grandfather taught me that the best gifts are those that you like for yourself, from which somehow you part, or you appreciate so much you want your loved one to have the same experience…A gift for me is that when you look at the person in your heart and whatever you are making or purchasing just fits perfectly. - from “Part Choice, All Love”

Perf’ - from “JustK”

You might be alone for the holiday season or working for others to enjoy the time with their family. There is anyway always something to celebrate, the joy in a child’s eyes or getting best wishes from someone dear to you whom you have not talked to in months. - from "Paris, with LOVE"

Family, Friends, Food, Fun - from "RealG"

Watching movies with my dad and grandma and hiccups. - from "Sleepless in Chicago"


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