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One Big Step for Aaron Moneer - A Giant Leap for Caribbean Resort Wear Fashion

Mission Catwalk Season 7 just wrapped, and the words still on everyone’s lips are “Sweet, Sweet Darling” – the title of the winning collection from season champion Aaron Moneer.

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Moneer was born in Guyana, nestled within the rich cultural context of the Caribbean and South America. The designer has since made his way deeper into the West Indies, setting up roots in Trinidad and Tobago. It made sense, then, that, as a rising designer, Moneer found his way to Jamaica's Mission Catwalk stage, alongside some of the most promising design talent in the region. The calibre of the competition makes his victory that much more compelling.

It’s all about Moneer at the moment, as the Caribbean’s fashion vanguard has deemed him the next big thing to come from the region. Included in the Mission Catwalk first place prize is the prestigious opportunity to showcase at Paris Fashion Week. Not only is this a big deal for Moneer, it's also a big deal for Caribbean Fashion and its Resort Wear brand.

Black model wearing red dress with lattice detail and standing on runway with Caribbean designer Aaron Moneer showcasing his collection on the mission catwalk stage.
Designer Aaron Moneer stands next to one of his winning creations on the Mission Catwalk Season Finale runway.

If you are among the Caribbean’s haute posse, you could probably give a tip or two on staying chic in the heat. Well, with everybody feeling the heat more than ever these past few SS seasons, it’s no wonder fashion has turned to Resort Wear with the question - Is there a high fashion alternative to Athleisure?

With Resort Wear, the answer is a resounding Yes. Though the name might invite an image of sleek swimwear and billowy kaftans gliding through the lobbies of luxury hotels propped on glistening vistas, Resort Wear is so much more. Resort Wear designers and textile producers now have a mandate to make Resort Wear fashion street-ready, bringing the comfort and style of the genre to the bustling and increasingly balmy pavements of the city.

Moneer's triumph, both on the Mission Catwalk platform and in the brilliance he has achieved in his work, is expected to be well-received in Paris, home to some of the industry's most prominent institutions.

Locale currently houses the designer's first-place collection, and wishes him Bonne chance! in Paris.


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