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Gavin is a self taught artist based in Kingston, Jamaica. As a corporate executive by day and a creative in his spare time, he has the unique ability of exercising logic and facts in his day job, and then getting lost in his imagination in his spare time. Gavin has amassed a growing base of collectors in Jamaica, the Caribbean and North America. His sculptured paintings have a sense of depth, resonance, and colourful lyricism which emotes several possibilities and interpretations.

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Idris artwork has always been about inquiring identity, whether from the artist perspective or that shared with others. He started collaging while living in Japan as a way to address the feelings of not being able to fit in. As a “gaijin”, or foreigner, he was a canvas for long-held stereotypes about black people which not only proved frustrating but reduced them to an “other”. Creating became a healing outlet and positive way to acknowledge his own sense of self.

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Born and raised in Jamaica, artist Amanda Robinson has been painting since she knew herself. Conceptualized from the hills of Montego Bay, let her art transport your spirit to float on new waves of positivity. Acrylic paint is applied to canvas in bold strokes inspired by her vibrant Jamaican culture and upbringing. Vivid colors of the landscape around her are reflected in a harmonious ballad that comes together to make a single breathtaking piece.



Bonito Thompson is a Jamaican digital artist that goes by the name Don Dada. He creates augmented reality experiences that fuses art with technology and Jamaican life. Heavily influenced by Dancehall culture, his work seeks to represent all aspects of Jamaican Pop Culture. This is evident in some key elements like - the sound systems, zink fences, dance moves and other iconic Dancehall imagery. 

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