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Swizz Beads

Designer: Tiffany Tyler

Swizzbeads includes an eclectic collection of both necklace and bracelet designs that are sold at some of the Caribbean’s finest boutiques. Inspired by memories of the first handcrafted Brazilian bracelet she made as a girl, Tiffany still assembles each piece by hand. The materials she uses reflect the natural surroundings of the islands – smooth gemstones and volcanic rock, curved cowry shells and glitzy crystals in hues of ocean blue and colors like grains of sand, pink sunsets, green gardens and ripe purple fruits.


Story & Myths

Designer: Kristie Stephenson

More than just beads, Kristie Stephenson, Story & Myth’s founder, has carefully crafted the line to uplift and empower its wearers. Each bead symbolises inspiration, strength, hope and faith, with the aim to inspire those adorned by them to rise above fears, setbacks and life’s inevitable challenges.

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