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The Business of Artisan: 5 Reasons to Try the Artisan Way

Candles, canvas bags and other products from Locale, a Jamaican brand that focuses on merchandising artisan goods.

In 2022, The Guardian published an article highlighting a third-wave artisan revolution as a resilient feature of the current US economy. Jamaica’s own artisan revolution no doubt played a significant role in the island nation's haul last quarter with the success of MoDA Market, Design Week and the like. But, even before businesses like Etsy made “small-batch” and “handmade” trendy for a new generation of consumers, artisans have been keeping longstanding traditions alive, highlighting not just the resilience of the market but the resilience of the makers behind it. 

Statistics on the global artisan economy by
Statistics on the global artisan economy by

The global artisan market was estimated to generate $1 trillion in revenues by 2023 and has proven it is not just a blip on the map, presenting a suitable means of galvanising a global economy already in need of resilience. In economies like India’s and Japan’s, built on a foundation of rich historical traditions dating back millennia, the importance of craftspeople, highly specialized skilled workers, vocational training and trade schools have long been recognised and embraced. 

If you’re still not convinced that artisan is worth the investment, here are 5 MORE reasons to try the artisan way. 

5 Reasons to Try the Artisan Way

1. Outstanding Quality

A single artisan producer might be unable to scale to meet mass market demands, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Having a smaller operation allows artisan producers to focus on delivering quality products, sustainably. 

However, artisan doesn’t just mean “small-batch”. Artisanship is also steeped in a tradition of guided practice and mastery. This begins with choosing the right material and ingredients so that the final product is fine and durable.

2. Sustainable Business means Sustainable Economy

As a conscientious modern consumer, you probably care about where your money is going. The fact is, your money doesn’t have to stop serving you after it leaves your pocket. Investing in products that are built to last or that can be reused means less waste and a cleaner environment. Investing in local, sustainable businesses also means investing in a more resilient local economy. 

3. Rare Finds

Sometimes “small-batch” and “handmade” are exactly what you are looking for. Not only are these products thoughtfully made, but because of the detail and attention that goes into each item, the emphasis on natural materials, and the lack of conveyor-belt replication precision, some artisan-made products, like accessories or decorative items, come with a one-of-kind guarantee. These especially make for great gifts if you’re ever in the giving mood. 

4. Personalised Service

Small-batch producers can more easily track their products, with each producer also being well-versed in everything that goes into delivering the product. An artisan producer is able to answer all your questions about their product while delivering a personalised experience for those who appreciate that personal touch. 

business woman and skincare line creator showcases her product to a customer at artisan market in kingston, jamaica
Creators like Sandra Mullings and her skincare line, Birch Wright, were able to introduce their small-batch, artisan-made products at MoDA Market 2023

5. Preservation of Tradition, Culture, and Tradespeople

Today’s artisan producers aren’t reinventing the wheel. Their trade or craft is usually built on longstanding traditions that have grown and adapted to the culture in which they thrive. Moreover, these highly skilled workers are constantly honing and developing their practice through innovation and the application of modern technologies, further advancing the craft and enriching the culture.

There are so many reasons why putting a few artisan-made items into your basket is such an impactful act of consumerism. Whether it’s outstanding quality, sustainable practices, cultural preservation, or support for local economies, trying the artisan way just makes sense.


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