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How Do I Become A MoDA Maker?

Our series of events are all about promoting the creative industries. We are on the hunt for all unique items from artisans and small businesses.

How Is The Selection Made?

Our team reviews each application and handpicks the makers that best fit our mission and criteria. Once you are selected you will receive a confirmation email with a registration form. If you’ve been a MoDA MAKER in the past, you must have new products or finds. We try to make each show different from the last. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit/debit cards, and cash. 

Can I Share A Space With Another Artisan?

No. Each MoDA MAKER is allotted their own space with the objective of showcasing their product in the most effective way.

Do I get to choose my own space?

No. Our curator makes a decision about the best placement for you based on the overall layout for market.


Can I leave before the end of market?

No. We cannot disrupt the flow of the market. You can use the time to interact with shoppers and let them know more about your brand.

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