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Picture this: a community alive with the vibrant colours, children laughing and playing, unique pieces and paintings of art telling stories of the people,  who they are and where they’ve been, fueling their passions and writing dreams…amazing, right!?!


Join us on journey as we spread the MoDA creative love and energy to Windward Road. We’ve partnered with amazing young artists to create a 200ft (and counting) mural along the road! We are also taking it one step further and converting the space to a park area where families can spend time with each other and enjoy the beautiful space together. We will be installing trees, seating and upcycled-tyre art installations, which will serve double duty of beautiful art and games for the children!


This is a part of our MoDA movement to give back to this community, to create a beautiful and fun space for them ! 



 Be sure to stop by, snap some fun photos, and share your pics to Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter and tag us and use hashtags #MoDAMural #MoDAMovement so we can join in the fun!

Matthew McCarthy

MoDA's vision to make Kingston the creative hub of the Caribbean influenced Matthew to portray Kingston & it's creative elements. The whimsical elements that contextualise the city are found in
the larger-than- life drawings of the individuals throughout depicted in the cityscape.

Paige Taylor

The idea of combining high fashion with street & some of his personal style sparked Paige's interest to create this piece.

 Esther Beckford

Inspired by the mural's color palette, Esther envisioned Kingston as a strong brown woman, transforming the city with her presence and a trail of beauty in her wake.


Rebecca Levy 

Becky believes "one’s personal freedom is a universal right, allowing us to share our happiness and connect with others around us authentically".

The text “Free Your Mind” is interpreted from Bob Marleys Redemption song.  The bright colours pull from sunsets on the harbour and abstracted shapes are cut-outs of tropical plants blown to massive scale. She was greatly inspired by her Jamaican community & Moda’s initiative to uplift the community through street art projects.


Pepsi Jamaica 

We are delighted to welcome the PEPSI team with their IAMAJAMAICAN campaign which is all about supporting creative talent.  PEPSIs mural was executed on our wall by students from the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts. 

Screenshot 2020-08-19 at 12.35.57 PM.png

Conroy Green & LifeYard

Conroy Green from LifeYard paid an endearing tribute to his hometown Rockfort Community in east Kingston.Conroy's vision is that his mural will be an inspiration for the upcoming generation in his community.

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