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Curating Paradise: 7 Influencers to Follow for Caribbean Travel Tips

For those living in the Caribbean, it’s no secret that the region has much more to offer than luxury resorts overlooking sprawling vistas of white sands and glistening turquoise waters. Ah, to be an islander in the tropics.

Locale co-principal Kerry-Ann Clarke (left) and lifestyle curator and wine connoisseur Cecile Levee (fourth right) joined by content creators (from second left) Edison "@tequilaross" Reece, Kristia "@myrepeatoffender" Franklin, Nigel "@stluciaisparadise" Nicholas, Nandi "@moreofnandi" Moore, Mutamuliza "@muta.muliza" Cutting and Joakchim "@joachimjammeal" Joseph for a photo-op

Thankfully, Caribbean influencers are here to provide the inside scoop. Six content curators from the neighbourhood recently met up in sweet, sweet Jamaica to salute the recently ascended InterCaribbean Airways non-stop service from Barbados to Kingston. They were joined by Jamrock’s own Insta luminary, @myrepeatoffender, to showcase some choice experiences to be had on The Rock.

Cocktails by CPJ

Food, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion - the social media maestros explored it all and, of course, shared it all with their loyal followings.  Check out their Instas below for this and all their Caribbean adventures.

Destination - Fashion

For the fashion leg of their tour, the group made their way to Locale for Grey Goose cocktails and cheese platters c/o CPJ and style cognoscenti Cecile Levee. Of course, the gathering would be incomplete without a signature Locale fashion highlight.

Locale is a veritable vault of treasures thoughtfully curated for the discerning tastemaker. Along with locally made artisan wares, artwork, trinkets, and a fine selection of organic self-care potions, the concept store is also a trove of modish fashion and accessories from handpicked designers, many of whom call the region home. As a first-of-its-kind concept store in the region, Locale is doing its part to curate a slice of the vacation paradise.

The influencers were just in time to view the latest addition to the boutique’s coveted lineup. Along with a few invited guests, they were treated to a Locale first-class experience, sipping specialty cocktails as they browsed the luxury resort wear collection by Rhea Imani. The collection fuses style, quality, and comfort with a dash of flair, making each look a standout. Can you say, Post-worthy?

Whether you plan to travel to the Caribbean for the first time or loved your last trip so much you can’t wait to visit again, prepare to discover adventure. Regional airlines like InterCaribbean Airways are making it easier to hop from one island to the next, and Caribbean influencers have you covered with recommendations and local insight.

If you’re in Kingston and looking for the perfect gift to take home from your trip, drop by Locale or shop online. You can also follow our Insta for the latest on Caribbean creators.

The only question now is, Where to next?


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