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MoDA Moments, #InstaWorthy Walls & A Park-To-Be

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Remember that happy place we were telling you about? Well it’s well on its way!

We’re so happy to update you guys on the progress we’ve made so far for this year’s #MoDAMural expansion project.

As you may have seen on our social, we kicked things off for Labour Day and added 2 beautiful murals to the strip, which brings our total #MoDAMural count to 5 (And we don’t plan on stopping there!).

In the spirit of #MoDAMagic, and showing the amazing things we can achieve when creatives work together, we partnered with Pepsi Jamaica, a team of oh-so talented Edna Manley College students & artistic force & MoDA Maker Rebecca Levy to make the mural extension happen!

Right now, we’re executing phase two of the project to transform the space into a park where community members can chill and enjoy each other’s company & visitors to the island en-route from the airport can stop, admire the pieces and be immersed in our vibrant culture!

But until that’s wrapped, we’ve got an inspiring eclectic wall that’s the perfect backdrop for your next photoshoot or casual post to the ‘gram :)

So the next time you’re en route to or from the airport, happen to be in the area, or just really wanna get up close and personal with the #MoDAMagic, snap a picture or two with a friend!

Tag us in your pictures on Facebook and Instagram @thecollectionmoda & use our hashtags! -#MoDAMagic, #MoDAMural # #MoDAMovement #FreeYourMind

Thank you for being a part of the #MoDAMovement & if you missed it, check out our latest blog post on the mural for the inspiration behind the magic!

Until Next Time :)

MoDA Mural Location: It’s located on Windward Rd. on the wall of the JUTC Bus Terminus.

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Sep 18, 2021

Very nice bloog you have here

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