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  • Digital mixed-media collage. The materials that was work with come from multiple sources such as pictures taken with the artist phone, scanned images, online media, or vector graphics created using Adobe Illustrator. All the pieces are created in Adobe Photoshop.


    The artwork has always been about inquiring identity, whether from the artist perspective or that shared with others. The artist started collaging while living in Japan as a way to address the feelings of not being able to fit in. As a “gaijin”, or foreigner, the artist was a canvas for long-held stereotypes about black people which not only proved frustrating but reduced them to an “other”. Creating became a healing outlet and positive way to acknowledge their own sense of self.

    • 127mm X 177.8mm (5"X7")
    • 380 GSM matte paper
    • Printed with a glossy coating on the graphic side

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