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Dreams Do Come True

Once upon a time there was a promising Collection MoDA team member named Jordan Anderson. He shared with us his aspirations of studying fashion in Milan. Though we hated to see him go, we knew he would thrive in Italy so we helped him make it happen. Now, Jordan is living his best life in Milan working with some of the best in the industry! Here are three pages you should take from Jordan’s



1. He dreamt a Dream...

No matter how big or unattainable your aspirations may seem to others, or even yourself right now, you should never stop believing that one day, they will come true. “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind (you) can achieve,” Napoleon said it best here. Oftentimes our biggest roadblocks in achieving our dreams are ourselves. We choose comfort, and allow fear and self-doubt to paralyze us, instead of having faith in our potential and trusting the journey. Admittedly, the feat is far from easy, but nothing worth having ever is…

(Tip: Every morning before you start your day, read whatever you desire aloud to yourself as if you’ve already achieved it, or visualize it. The method doesn’t matter, but a simple reminder goes a long way in keeping you driven as you tackle your daily tasks, especially when things don’t go as planned.)


2. He Shared that Dream with others

It’s time that we stop keeping our ideas and dreams to ourselves out of fear of ridicule or them being stolen. Everything in life is a little risky, and you’re not doing yourself any favors by keeping them to yourself. You never know who may be listening, and how they can help you along your journey. Start by sharing your desires with the persons in your life that you love and trust. They may not help in the obvious ways you’d think, but even them expressing their belief in your greatness, or being there for emotional support on your low days will do wonders.


3. He hasn’t stopped dreaming…

He’s awarded one accomplishment with a new goal. Now that Jordan has realized his dream of moving to Milan, do you think it’s the end of his story? Definitely not!

He’s now onto tackling bigger things and growing in ways that he never imagined.

The key is to not grow complacent. Continue to defy the boundaries of your comfort zone because that’s when you’ll truly advance and have the most life changing experiences.

Watch our Instagram stories this weekend (June 16-18, 2018) @thecollectionmoda to see Jordan take over our account and give us an exclusive look at Milan Fashion Week!

You can follow Jordan’s journey @symbiosity on Instagram.


Written by: Noelle Black


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