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The Assignment: 5 Versatile Dresses for different occasions

dresses on hangars on a dress rack

What does any woman look for in a dress? That is the question. The occasion might dictate your style choices but the right dress can be the perfect centerpiece for a range of looks. Here are 5 versatile dresses that you can have fun with and dress up, or down, for different occasions.

This dress screams tribal royalty. The elegant detailing makes it an ultimate statement piece all on its own. Whether the occasion calls for strappy sandals, wedges, or heels, you can make this look what you want while feeling confident that you look chic to boot!

Wherever you go in this dress, the fun will surely follow. A stunning piece, perfect if you’re expecting to do some dancing. Not only do the frills add dynamic movement, they also strike an elegant balance with the floral print and asymmetrical hemline that is both youthful and worldly. Tame the look for a breezy brunch or make it pop with the right accessories – either way, you’ll be turning heads.

Take it all the way above the knee in this cute mini that’s maxed out on chic. Tastefully flirty with a bohemian twist, this cool number is ready to make memories. At your favourite indie festival in comfy sneakers, a headdress and pixie dust, or up on your tippy toes in heals and fine jewellery for a more seductive evening – anyhow you rock it, the camera will love you.

LBD, move over! This little white dress has all the makings of a modern wardrobe classic and is just as versatile as the LBD. Between the sleek sleeveless cut, the elevated mandarin collar, and the chic side splits, this LWD is giving ABCÀ-la-mode, Bold, Confident. Make it sporty with denims, or go for glam with fine jewellery and heels.

Why walk when you can float? Sorry, but this dress is goddess vibes only. If you’re not prepared to glide across the scene, then we recommend going for something with a bit less drama because this dress comes with its own wind machine. However and wherever you wear this one, prepare to make waves.

Dresses are one of the most dynamic garments on the rack, offering a range of different collars, sleeves, lengths, hems, and silhouettes. Our favourite dresses are usually the ones we can play with, the ones we can dress up or down, the ones we can imagine wearing in different settings, with different accessories and still think – "uh, fab!"

What does any woman look for in a dress? Herself, of course! The more we see ourselves in a dress, in different settings and poses, the more empowered we feel wearing it. You can't go wrong with an outfit when you start with a dress that's ALL YOU!

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